COVID-19, What does it mean for events?

As vaccines start rolling out and herd immunity starts rolling in, the end of COVID-19 is slowly creeping into sight, but we still must remain cautious. This blog will explain the future of events.

Unfortunately COVID-19 has postponed and canceled many events over the last year. Fortunately we have found ways to create safe and healthy events for all to enjoy, yes the events may be run a little different and masks may be required, but at least we can start enjoying and celebrating special occasions and business meetings again. Golden Fete is determined to create events that bring joy to our clients while keeping them safe. We have specific COVID-19 packages that are affordable and offer an extra level of safety to all guests in attendance.

Event consultants offer great advise to all individuals wishing to host an event during this unknown time. We have the ability to create COVID specific floor plans, we know all the protocols for serving drinks and food, and we take extra care in providing sanitation stations that are readily available to all of our clients and guests. Event consultants are here to help you with the unknowns and create a specialized COVID safe event.

Recently I read an article on BBC and it states that the event industry in time will bounce back because people need human interaction (BBC). I believe that is true, we want to hug the new bride and groom and congratulate them. Or we want to shake that hand of a new business partner. People need to feel like they can connect with others and events give people that connection. Golden Fete is determined to help bring the event industry back to its former glory and bring assurance to all its clients who are hesitant to start planning events again.

I would suggest reading the article attached from BBC because it explains how events are coming back. It also explains how COVID-19 has created a new technological leap for events that allow attendees to participate in person and virtually and expand the number of guests in attendance during an event.

If you want to learn more about how I plan COVID-19 safe events contact me and I would be happy to explain to you my safety protocols.


BBC. (n.d.). The future of business events during covid-19. BBC Capital.