Welcome! Golden Fete is excited to announce that each week we will release a blog post. These blog posts will include ideas from the event industry, current projects, and exciting announcements. I am also open to taking suggestions from our clients and fans that want to learn about certain topics in the industry. For this first post I will explain a little about me, how I started Golden Fete, and when I plan to launch the business.

My name is Amy Kowalski, I am the owner and lead event consultant for Golden Fete and I am so excited to share this new venture with everyone. I have been in the event business since college but it was not until a year ago that I seriously started thinking about going out on my own. I have my bachelors of science degree from Clemson University in Animal and Veterinary Science. You may be wondering how did you get into events when you studied about animals in college, well that is a great question! My studies in college focused on equine business and I became very involved in the American Collegiate Horsemen’s Association, as well as Clemson’s local chapter, Clemson Collegiate Horsemen’s Association. I served as president for both associations during my senior year. During my time with these associations I planned multiple open horse shows and a multi-day convention. I also had the opportunity to intern and work at some larger shows and rodeos. This love for planning horse shows and events landed me my first job after college at an equine association right outside of Chicago. Although, I loved the equine industry I wanted to expand my knowledge of events so I left the equine association and I took a job as an event planner at a large venue. While I worked at this venue I gained much experience in weddings, meetings, and special occasion events. During this time in Chicago I also completed a Graduate Certificate in Event Management from the University of Central Florida. When the pandemic hit I decided to move home to South Carolina to be closer to family and friends and start to work on my own business. As I work to grow the business I am also finishing my masters at the University of Central Florida in Hospitality and Tourism Management. I created Golden Fete to be a welcoming and homey business. I want my clients to feel at home when they are talking to me or when they are in my office. I want all my clients to feel they can be honest with me and tell me all that they desire for their event. No event is too big or too small, if the client is beyond happy with it, that is all that matters.

Now that I have explained my background, I will talk about how Golden Fete came into existence. I came home during the pandemic planning to finish college down in Florida but COVID-19 got in the way and I ended up doing a couple of semesters at home. Which I didn’t mind, but I have a problem with getting very bored very fast, so one day after Christmas I started thinking about things that I could do too keep me busy. For some reason creating my own business kept popping into my head. I talked to my parents about it and they thought it was a great idea so I got started. I did a ton of research for a couple of months and then I was ready to talk to an attorney and get the business started. All I needed was a name. I am not very creative when it comes to names but I knew that I wanted Golden to be part of the name. Golden has a special meaning to me, my grandfather used to call me Goldie (because when I was little he thought I looked like Goldie Hawn) and my grandfather is my business role model. My grandfather owned multiple small businesses, so I knew bringing him into my business somehow would be very special. I also wanted my business name to be unique and not just use Golden Events so my Dad suggested Fete, which is an Old French and English word meaning “celebration” or festival.” I liked the way Golden Fete sounded so it stuck.

Now, you may be wondering when did this business launch, and if it hasn’t launched when will it? That is a great questions. If all goes as planned Golden Fete will be open for business starting April 5th, 2021. Now that does not mean I am not taking appointments for April. Anyone interested in learning more about my services may contact me now for a free consultation. If you already know that you want to use my services for your event I can book your event date, but it will not be official until April 5th. I know everyone is still concerned about COVID-19, and I completely understand that. I have taken into consideration all CDC guidelines when creating events and I also offer virtual meetings.

I am excited to share my business with the world, and I can’t wait to meet with my future clients.