Why I Became an Event Planner (Part One)

Happy Monday Everyone!

It has been a long and busy week, but like I say to my family I’d rather be busy than not! Many people over the past few months have asked me why I wanted to go into business as an event planner, and to tell you the truth I never have a straight answer, so over the past few days I have pondered the question and for this blog I will try and do my best to explain why I chose event planning as a career path.

I have always had an interest in event planning. When I was little, I was always listening or watching my mom plan local events for the school or fire department. I always found the organization, work, and people that went into planning an event fascinating. About 10 years later I remember applying to colleges and never really knowing what it was I wanted to study. It wasn’t until I became involved in planning horse shows and other school related functions, that it dawned on me that my interests have always been in events. So, as I began my career after my undergraduate degree, I decided to go into the event planning business, and continue my education with a Master’s in hospitality and tourism.

I think what really draws me to event planning is the fact that events can really bring a community together. As an event planner my goal is not to compete to create the most beautiful and lavish wedding, most creative bar mitzvah, or most sophisticated meeting. Events for me is about bringing people together. I want events to be more than the party I want them to be a place that people have fun, can celebrate, or network with each other and not have to worry about competing to have the next best event, because in the long run your guests or event attendees are not going to remember what type of napkin fold you had or the color of their chair tie, they are going to remember the experience of the event and who they got to spend time with.

The main reason I chose to go into the event planning business is because I noticed something that always upset me, there is not a budget friendly option for those looking to plan an event. Everyone deserves to have an event planned without overpriced services. There are always ways to create beautiful and memorable events on a budget without the stress for the event host, and my goal is to create that affordable option for my clients without compromising the quality of the event. An event should not make anyone go into debt it should be something that people feel comfortable in providing for their friends, families, employees, community, etc.

As I write this post, I realize that there are many reasons that I want to be an event planner, but I don’t want this week’s blog post to get too long, so please keep an eye out for next Monday’s post in which I will finish explaining why event planning was the path I chose for myself!

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