Why I Became An Event Planner (Part 2)

Hi Everyone!

I can’t believe that it is Monday already! Last week I wrote about why I became an event planner and this week I would like to finish that topic.

So many people love to quote Jennifer Lopez or Matthew McConaughey when I tell them that I am an event planner, but I can tell you, first hand, that The Wedding Planner does not even begin to describe or depict what it is actually like to be an event planner. I can also tell you that it is not the reason why I became an event planner.

Being an event planner is all about the creative freedom that planning events gives me. I have had the chance to meet and collaborate with some very talented individuals including florists, chefs, designers, etc. This career also allows me to get out from behind a desk. One thing that I absolutely hate is sitting under florescent lights all day. This career allows me to get out and explore what this wonderful state and country has to offer!

Unfortunately event planners have a large stereotype attached to them, and many individual planners try to conform to that stereotype. We are depicted and often seen as individuals with perfect bodies, expensive cloths, and cheerleader type attitudes. Because of this stereotype many individuals choose not to deal with event planners. I became a planner to try and break that stereotype and provide individuals with someone they can trust and relate to. I am an average American worker who sweats like a pig when setting-up events on hot days, I have bad hair days, I find my shoes on sale a TJMaxx, and often I am too lazy to go and get my nails done. I am definitely not your stereotypical event planner and I never to try conform to someone I am not. Now before I scare away any potential clients, I will not show up to your event in jeans and a t-shirt, I still have some dignity, I will do my hair and make-up, and wear a dress, but I will never try to be a super model type individual who is too pampered to set up chairs or put up a tent. I am not afraid to work hard and get a little dirty to provide you with an event you will always remember. I want all my clients to view me as their equal, because in this business I am working with my clients not above them.

One last reason I became an event planner was because I saw potential in the state that I love. South Carolina is a beautiful location not only for weddings, but for meetings, conventions, and other events. It is centrally located on the east coast and it has everything from mountains to beaches. I became an event planner in South Carolina because I feel that I can help businesses, couples, organizations, and families discover the beauty of this great state. New York City, Orlando, and Los Angeles are all great places to host an event, but I think everyone should think outside the box and give other locations in this great country a chance to show off the wonderful views, food, and residents they have. I hope as an event planner I can provide my clients with opportunities they never even thought about.

These are the top reasons why I became an event planner and I hope one of them resonates with you to try out my services!

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