Will The Fuel Shortage Effect My Event

Its another Monday and another week where the east coast is running short on fuel. Let’s face it, the world has been off kilter ever since COVID-19 took a hold of our daily lives, and just when we thought life was going back to normal we have now run out of fuel (at least it is not toilet paper)! As a self-employed individual who travels a lot for her business I understand the anxiety and frustration that comes with a fuel shortage. I even had to work from home for a couple days last week because I was on empty and could not find a gas station that was stocked. By a stroke of luck I was able to find some to be able to travel and go back to the office!

With the fuel shortage I know how worrisome it can be for event hosts, especially couples about to get married. The worry comes mostly with questions such as, will my guests that travel be able to travel to my wedding location? Will vendors have enough fuel to make it to my event on time? Will I have to postpone once again? Let me first and foremost tell you, no you do not have to postpone. Unfortunately, in the tech savvy world that we live in events such as a fuel shortages can happen at anytime, we, personally, can do nothing to prevent them but we can learn how to work around them.

On the bright side there is a fuel shortage not a fuel outage so guests should be able to plan ahead and find routes with the best chances for fuel fill ups. Even calling ahead to gas stations have worked for many this past week. Another tip for guests, if possible, is to car pool with individuals who have a full tank. If there are guests who are really worried about traveling, set up a camera during the ceremony and reception and do a wedding zoom call. The good news is while a lot of folks are worried and hoarding fuel, officials and experts expect that gas stations should be back up and running in the next week or so. Weddings this weekend may be slightly affected but after this weekend events don’t really need to worry.

As far as vendors go, you never have to worry about them showing up for your wedding or event. Vendors make their livings and reputations off of the events that they work, so they will do everything in their power to make it to your wedding or event on time. Take myself for example, I was on empty this week, but when I had to go somewhere I used one of my parents vehicles to get me there. Problems arise but there are always ways to fix them!

This fuel shortage goes to show how events can change in an instant, but there are always ways to fix them without drastically changing plans. Interruptions that the general public has no control over will continue to take place, but as a event consultant its my job to have backup plans. We can’t predict what will happen next but we can always be prepared to make sure your event runs smoothly.

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