Our First Event

I am so excited, exhausted, and proud to say that Golden Fete has officially completed our first event!

I met Payton and Chris just a short while ago when they were looking for a last minute day-of coordinator for their June wedding. Unfortunately Payton and Chris had to reschedule their wedding from last year because of COVID and wanted some help with the set-up, break-down, and coordination to subtract some of the stress that comes on wedding day!

The wedding was absolutely beautiful, although we did run into a few challenges along the way. I know that no wedding is absolutely perfect by I try my hardest to make the wedding as close to my clients vision as possible, unfortunately the weather was not on our side this weekend. The morning of the wedding was absolutely beautiful, a little hot and muggy, but a beautiful sunny day. Then an hour before the ceremony the skies opened up in a torrential down pour, making the outdoor ceremony site useless and the tent a muddy mess. I felt so bad for the couple, they have been looking forward to this wedding for 2 years and they were stuck with a rainy mess.

Determined to make the ceremony as beautiful as I possibly could I moved all the ceremony décor to the dance floor spread the tables apart to make an isle and moved the head tables out of the mud. With the help of the couples family and friends we were able to create a makeshift ceremony location in a dry location. The best part was the couples attitudes, nothing could stop the love they had for each other and the determination to finally tie the knot! After the ceremony the sun soon came out creating beautiful pictures for the couple.

The couple created and designed most of the décor themselves. creating a simple elegant look of dusty blue, light pink, and white. They had a beautiful custom made hexagon back drop for their ceremony, and carried that hexagon shape into the centerpieces on their guest tables. Believe it or not, all the flowers in these pictures are fake, but you would never notice, they were absolutely beautiful.

All in all, the wedding was a success. The outcome may not have been exactly how the bride and groom envisioned but they made the best out of the weather situation. Plus their dance moves were pretty hard to beat! It was an absolute pleasure working with this couple and their family and I am so happy that their wedding was our first!

A special thanks to vendors that helped pull off an amazing wedding including, Judy from Caledonia Golf and Fish Club, Hannah and her crew from Inlet Affairs, Holden from Joyful Entertainment, and Kristy from Kristy Roderick Photography!

Take a look at some of our photos below to view our weekend chronologically:

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