Our Newest Venture

I can’t believe that Golden Fete is a little over 2 months old! So much has happened in these 2 months. I have met and collaborated with some amazing individuals and businesses in the event industry. We have coordinated our first event. And everyday we are getting more and more interest in our services. I could not ask for a better start to a brand new business.

This month I decided turn a hobby into another business venture for Golden Fete. I love to do crafts and experiment with different woodworking and glass working techniques. So I have decided to take my etched glass skills and wood working skills and create event accessories and décor. Currently I have opened an Esty shop under Golden Fetes name so that I can easily sell the items I make nationwide. I am currently making etched glasses (champagne glasses, beer steins, mason jars, drinking glasses, and cake plates). Right now I have a few etched wedding examples, and I am working on birthday, retirement, and bar/bat mitzvah items. I am also currently working on perfecting signage for weddings and other events.

The largest project that I am working on is a customized wedding sign that is food safe and water proof that can be turned into wall décor or a serving tray for the happy couple, after the wedding is over. I always found it annoying that so much wedding décor is used for one day and can’t be reused for future purposes so my goal will be to create a whole line of décor that will have a future use to the happy couple for years to come!

In South Carolina July and August become the slow season for events because of the dreadful heat that takes over the state. So as events start to slow down and the heat starts to sink in I will take the extra time to continue creating new and inspiring event décor and hopefully come September I will have a huge line of handmade decorations and accessories, perfect for any event.

The following is a link to my Etsy shop and some of the items I am currently selling:


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