Introducing my New Blog Series

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

This week I am excited to start writing about a very special wedding I am helping to plan. My best friend, Ashley, will be getting married on September 3! During the next 2 months we have many celebrations and tasks to complete to make sure that this wedding is just how Ashley imagines it to be. I am working with Ashley to try and combine all her favorite wedding ideas into a budget friendly and beautiful ceremony and reception. Wedding planning is never a simple task, especially when you want the absolute best for your best friend. So over the next few months I will take you on the journey of planning my best friends wedding!

I met Ashley in college over our love for horses! Me and Ashley both were members of the Clemson Collegiate Horsemen’s Association and we spent 2 years together attending conventions, planning horse shows, and doing all things horse related. We quickly became friends during our first trip together to Texas! In the past 4+ years of knowing Ashley we have been through a lot of up’s and down’s together, at this point in our lives we probably would not be able to do life without each other. This past winter Ashley’s boyfriend texted me, telling me he was planning on proposing. Me and Ashley do not keep secrets from each other so I literally had to avoid some of her texts because I was afraid I would ruin the proposal. As soon as she became engaged the wedding planning began, as they choose to get married in 6 months! I am honored to share such a big life event with Ashley not only has her maid of honor but as her best friend. It’s always a special thing when you get to share in the memories of your best friends life events!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending one of Ashley’s bridal showers! For anyone looking for a fun and simple bridal shower idea this bridal shower hosted by some of her dear friends and close neighbors was so much fun. We did a paint and pour afternoon! For those who do not know what a paint and pour is, it is where your guests drink wine and paint special pieces of artwork picked out by the bride/groom, that will help decorate their house! This bridal shower theme is a perfect way to create useful artwork while socializing and having a good time. The party also includes light refreshments, assortment of finger foods, and cake! It was all delicious. Anyone looking for a unique and fun experience for your next bridal shower try a paint and pour afternoon. Just about every city has some type of paint and pour business, and the best part, you do not have to have any artistic skill, the paint shop owners sketch everything out, all you have to do is fill in the picture with paint!

As for my next adventure with Ashley, we will be meeting with her at the beautiful and rustic barn venue she has booked for the wedding, to go over specifics and design the reception and ceremony! As for now I am also planning her bachelorette party! I absolutely love planning parties (hence the reason I am an event planner) but I am so excited to plan a fun and beachy 3 day bachelorette party! With the recent pandemic and the nature of the world right now, and since most of us in the wedding party are still in school or just starting our careers I will be creating this bachelorette party on a budget! More on this fun and budget friendly event will appear in future blogs, but I wanted to let all my readers know that it is never impossible to create a fun and memorable event on a budget!

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