Uncommon Event Venues

Each year me and my sister try and take a camping trip so that we can relax and clear our minds of everyday life. These camping trips are a great way for me to unwind from a hectic and busy schedule, but no matter how hard I try my mind never shuts off, especially if I find an amazing event venue!

During this camping trip me and my sister took a drive to Amicalola Falls, in Georgia. The views where absolutely breathtaking!

After seeing the natural beauty that can be found in the middle of the Georgia mountains, I thought to myself, I wonder if you could host an event in this beautiful location. So I went onto the falls website (https://www.amicalolafallslodge.com/) and found out that not only do they have a lodge located on property but they also have locations for meetings and weddings!

Reading a little more on the website I found that you could have an all-inclusive wedding for less than $20,000. That includes food, venue, etc… The reason I wrote this blog post is to remind everyone that if you have fallen in love with a certain location, it is never impossible to host your next event there. You may be surprised to find out that the location you have fallen in love with already has meeting and wedding packages in place!

When you are exploring your next venue, find a place that relaxes you and puts a smile on your face!

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