Last Minute Event Planning

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So many of my clients have asked me what is the shortest amount of time I have planned an event. Believe it or not I do not have a straight answer for that question. The reason I don’t have a straight answer for that question is because not all events are the same, some are easier to plan than others depending on connections, depth, budget, and extent of the event.

So yes, I can say that the fastest I have put together a wedding was 3 months, but I had the connections, availability, and resources, to get the bride and groom everything they needed for their big day. The only reason I was able to plan this wedding with 100 guests without a hitch was because I had all my vendor contacts and the bride and groom were neither particular or picky on how they wanted their wedding to be designed, scheduled, or prepared.

Now if a bride and groom came to me wanting particular decorations, particular venue, particular food, cake, vendors etc. and they wanted it all done in 3 months, I most likely would tell them its impossible. The amount of time you take to plan a wedding or any other event will show by the quality of the event.

For example it is completely possible to plan a wedding in a week, but the bride and groom must understand that a wedding planned in a week will not show up in Bride magazine. The quality of the event will reflect the week you took to plan it. For most larger events, such as weddings, conventions, galas, etc. you need to give yourself at least 10+ months to plan it correctly and provide your guests with a high quality event. For graduation parties, birthday parties, retirement parties, baptisms, etc. 5-6 months is ideal to plan a high quality event.

For any future client expecting to have an extravagant wedding planned in 3 months please take a step back and understand wedding planners can try their best but most of the time a short time period results in lower quality events. Things are rushed, corners are cut, and usually the event does not turn out to be what you pictured in your head.

I write this blog today, because I want all my clients to understand that the amount of time you give yourself will automatically effect the quality of your event. If you have a 2 month time frame to plan an event, understand that you will have to give-up some aspects of the event, because you simply do not have enough time to plan correctly. As an event planner, I will do my absolute best to provide you with the best event I possible can, but always be reminded that I also can not control time, and some of my services are will not be 100% if proper time and information is not given to complete those services!

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