The Perfect Venue

This weekend I had the opportunity to celebrate the life of a great academic mentor, and while back in my childhood town (for a very short trip) I thought about the beauty and meaning that part of the Unites States meant to me. Although I don’t live in that area anymore I caught myself wondering what it would be like to host an event in some of my favorite locations in Connecticut.

There are so many beautiful locations in the United States and the rest of the World that hold so much meaning for individuals and many don’t think about how they can incorporate those locations into their next life changing event such as a wedding, retirement, graduation party, etc. While in Connecticut I had the opportunity to visit one of my favorite locations, West Hill Lake. A very close family friend lives on this lake and while spending a quick minute with her my mind wondered to the memories and beauty of the location. Now matter the season, the lake is beautiful. While driving over the reservoir I thought to myself what a beautiful location for an intimate ceremony or get together. My mind continued to wonder off as I thought about how when planning events and celebrations, we often forget the places that are held near and dear to our hearts. Much too often we decide our venues by the capacity it can hold, the location to hotels and restaurants, or how “in-style” it is. As a society we have forgotten to think about the meanings and value that certain locations hold in our minds.

As an event planner my goal is to create memorable events, even if that means getting married in the backyard of a lake house. The location should mean something more than the fact that it was featured in Bride Magazine or because the location could build up your social status. The location should have personal meaning and it should bring joy to the hosts and guests of honor. Size and style should not be the only deciding factors to an event venue.

My hope for those reading these blog posts is that you will consider you favorite place in the entire world, and determine how you can incorporate that place into your next event. That place could be as simple as your Grandmothers backyard, to as extravagant as Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World, but always keep in mind that the location should be more about the memories you create and not about the convenience it holds. Take the time to decide and discover a location that makes you happy. No location is impossible for any event, if you can believe in the location and the memories, the event planning process will be that much easier.

Below you will see a picture of West Hill Lake. I hope to each and everyone planning a special event that you take the time to find a location that brings joy to your life.

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