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Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend and you were able to take a break and and remember those who payed the ultimate sacrifice so that we can continue to celebrate and enjoy each others company. For this weeks blog I would like to share a story of how one groom remembered his fallen comrades.

During my time in Illinois I worked with many military weddings, particularly sailor’s who were stationed in Great Lakes, IL. But there was one of these weddings that particularly stood out to me during this Memorial Day weekend. The groom at this wedding was an active military member and he let his fianc√© plan the entire wedding except for one aspect, he wanted to design a remembrance table for his brothers he had lost in war.

I remember on the day of the wedding the groom coming into the reception hall and inspecting this table that my banquet staff had set up. He repositioned everything so it was absolutely perfect, not one knife or spoon were out of place, then he just stood there. I watched quietly as he walked away and went to celebrate his upcoming nuptials with his groomsmen. As he walked away my heart ached, you could see the pain in his eyes as he inspected that table, and you just knew that someone he cared deeply for did not make it back to celebrate this day with him.

This weekend is always a great time to hang out with family and friends and jump start our summer activities, but whatever you choose to do this weekend, please remember that you have the freedom to be with family and friends because of those who payed the ultimate sacrifice. Many Sons, Daughters, Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, and Sisters have not made it home to celebrate with friends and families during some of the most important life events. As you are planning your next event remember to take into consideration those that couldn’t be with you, especially those who payed the ultimate sacrifice so we can continue to be free and host events. There is always a way to honor the ones you have lost during your event. You can create a remembrance table such as the groom in the previous story did, you can mention them in your toasts, or you can be creative in how you remember the ones you loved.

My heart goes out to all those who have lost someone due to war past and present. Golden Fete, LLC will always make sure that we honor those who you would like to be remembered on your special day.

As a company we would like to thank those who have perished for our freedom, and God Bless those who continue to fight!

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