Thinking For One’s Self

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

It is the start of another busy week, and for some reason I had some of the worst writer’s block I have ever experienced. Nothing I thought of seemed good enough to write a blog about.

As I sat at my desk this morning putting events into my calendar I noticed a quote that the calendar company had pasted in the top right corner of the page. Usually I do not take the time to read the quotes in my calendar but for some reason it stood out to me today. It reads:

The most courageous act is still to think to yourself. Aloud.

Coco chanel

I read this quote and I was thinking about how that applies to the event industry and then I realized that there could not be a better quote for anyone planning an event. Everyday I experience a client who tries to please everyone who is giving them an opinion, and everyday I have to remind the client that it is their event, and the only voice that matters is their own.

Events can be stressful and when people are constantly giving you suggestions or telling you what to do, the stress can get out of control fast. My favorite advice to give every client is to tell them to make sure that they take the time to listen to what they want and discover what they envision to be a perfect event.

For example when flowers are being decided for a wedding, most brides will get a million opinions about color, size, type, and smell from the florist, family, and friends. While having multiple opinions may seem helpful, 60% of the time it ends up with the bride calling me and venting over the phone about what they should do. I always tell them that the only opinion that matters is their own, I tell them that they have to be happy with what they choose they should not let Mom’s wants, Aunt Margaert wants, and the florists wants hold so much weight.

My goal is to make sure all my clients understand that while planning events they are the most important decision maker, they have to be able to stand up and speak for themselves. As an event planner it is not always easy to stand back and let your client make all the decisions. We often want to voice our opinion based on past experience and current trends. But the most important aspect of any planners job is to create what your client envisions not what we envision. We have no say in the color, the style of music, or the décor. Our job is to make the client happy and stress-free. I think the best planner-client relationship starts when a client understands the freedom they have and the planner understands the process of making someone’s visions come true!

Although this was a short blog I hope that everyone understands the importance of speaking up and thinking for one’s self. This weekend Golden Fete will be coordinating our first event of the summer season, so stay tuned for pictures and stories in next weeks blog!

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